About Benji Kennels

Why I Breed Wheaten Poodle (Whoodle) Puppies

As of the summer of 2011, I have been breeding Wheaten Poodles and only Wheaten Poodles for 25 years. I totally believe in this cross breed because of their temperaments and disposition. They are very hardy, healthy and happy dogs. Each and every one of my adults are family pets and loyal companions. They are socialized because I rotate them 2-3 at a time from the kennel to the house where they spend time with me in the car and the yard. On extremely hot and humid days, I take them into the pool on a leash one at a time and let them cool down while exercising in the water. Even though they look alike with their beards and moustaches, their personalities are unique and varied.

My Wheaten Poodles Puppies are Raised in a Loving Family Environment

I have 6 breeding females and two males here on the property. I take them on my trails for a good romp and run at sunset. However, when I rotate them from the kennel to house for a 24 hr. visit, they are laid back, passive, love to sit in your lap or curl up at your feet. They are a good size to bath or to ride in your car.

I have five grand-children who assist me with kennel duties when needed and they all love to play soccer with my dogs, throw balls of any kind for them, take them for walks on the trails to their forts in the forest and to just spend time with them watching television while cuddling them.

Meeting other dog lovers and talking to them about their experiences and often sad memories of a former pet, is a definite highlight of operating a kennel business. Another highlight of my business is when families send me Christmas cards with photos of their Wheaten Poodle family member....or forward me photos of their mature dog. Because I am so close to the 401, South of Guelph, families will often call in to show me their Wheaten Poodle pet. This makes me very happy and reminds me why I am still in the kennel business after all of these years.

I Breed Only High Quality Wheaten Terrier/Poodles Crosses

My puppies are released with:

I release the pups at 8 weeks.

My kennel license is from the Township of Puslinch (519-763-1226) and my veterinarians are at Highway #24 Vet Clinic (519-822-1805). All my dogs are cared for by my veterinarian where they go for yearly examinations and needed vaccines.

I take a lot of pride and effort in running my kennel business properly. Contact me for current pricing.