Wheaten Poodle (Whoodle) Puppy Care

Helping Your Whoodle Puppy Bond With His New Family

HenryWhen a new puppy leaves here, I rub two old towels on his mother so that the scent goes with him to his new home. This will help the puppy to overcome homesickness and will help the puppy to settle into his new home more quickly.

A lot of love, quiet snuggles, brushing with a soft brush during the first month in your home will help the puppy to overcome homesickness for his litter mates. By holding the puppy close to your heart, breathing on him and calling him by his name will help the puppy to learn to trust you which makes training a lot easier.

As Your Wheaten Poodle Matures

A puppy kong and/or a ball is also a good chew toy and an old mismatched sock is perfect for tug-o-war when the puppy starts teething just before four months.

The following toys are not recommended:

Any of these may result in vet bill you do not want to have.

Feeding Your Wheaten Poodle Puppy

All of my Wheaten Poodle adults and puppies are fed Performatrin from Pet Valu. For my puppies I make a mush of dry cereal (kibble), warm water, and 1 large tablespoon of tinned Performatrin chicken and rice for puppies.

Puppies need to be fed twice a day as they are growing very rapidly. You can certainly offer your puppy a noon and a bedtime snack of dry cereal. Natural treats are recommended for training puppies and for rewarding adults.